John Lewis Now Delivering To Australia

Expats across the country will be thrilled to hear that for just 15 quid John Lewis will deliver online purchases to Australia.

But, before you throw away your Freedom Furniture sofa and upgrade to a John Lewis beauty, you’ll be disappointed to hear that there are a bunch of exclusions, including furniture (oh, and crackers). Here is the full list:

  • All electrical items (including those with batteries)
  • Lighting (except lampshades)
  • Furniture and heavy or bulky items which need to be carried by more than one person
  • Food/alcohol/perishables/flowers & plants
  • Crackers and candles
  • Liquids and aerosols
  • Beauty products
  • Knives/scissors
  • Fabric by length, fabric samples, wallpaper
  • Paints, glues and products containing these items (e.g toys)
For more information go to the John Lewis website
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3 responses to “John Lewis Now Delivering To Australia

  1. Rosanna

    Am trying to purchase John Lewis Navy/Irange/white
    mango Draping Sash dress size XL plse?

  2. “John Lewis Now Delivering To Australia |” was a really excellent posting, .
    Continue authoring and I will continue to
    keep viewing! Thanks for the post -Maddison

  3. Suzy Chapman

    Do you deliver your hostess trolley to Australia?

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