COS To Open In Australia!

barcelona_cos_storeFirst Zara, then Top Shop, H&M and Marks & Spencer, now COS. Wow, an Aussie high street near you is going to look a whole lot more similar to a high street in England soon.

If you haven’t been back to the UK for a few years you may not be as familiar with COS, but its awesome. Classic, clean styles, minimalist pieces and core wardrobe essentials for both men and women, its cool, but not too cool, and not too expensive.

COS (Collection of Style) is part of the H&M group. The coveted clothing label will open in Melbourne’s The Strand on Elizabeth Street in the CBD later this year, an exact date is yet to be confirmed.

Fingers crossed that a Sydney store will be announced soon.

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Win Tickets To See New British Band TOY Next Week

Want tickets to see new British band TOY next week? Of course you do!

bulmersPOMSTAR has:

Bris: 5 doubles
Syd: 2 doubles
Melb: 3 doubles

To win a double, head to POMSTAR on Facebook and just tag the person you want to bring and tell us your city, in the comments below. If you win, you will hear from us!


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The Guardian Australia Edition Launched Today – When Localisation Sucks

After much hype and anticipation, the Australian edition of The Guardian has launched today. What does that mean exactly? Well it means a small local editorial team, writing local stories that have replaced the UK news on the homepage. Some Australian sport is covered on the homepage, but when you click sport on the navigation, it is all UK sport at the moment.

The problem for us POMs, who I imagine are a good chunk of the Guardians 1 .1 million users in Australia is that i don’t think we want Australian news. We turn to the Guardian for a hit of news from home each day. We want an update from the UK, we want to see how much rain is forecast and how badly our football team has performed.

The lead story today is ‘Gillard refuses to commit to politics beyond election’.  Yawn. The Guardian UK headline (according to my Guardian iphone app) is ‘Woolwich murder: Theresa May vows to get tough on extremist websites’. I know which i would be more interested in reading.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Guardian. Its been my newspaper and website of choice my whole life. For Australian media, democracy  politics and for may Australians  i think the new Australian website is a significant positive change. However, I fear for expat Brits living in Australia its a step in the wrong direction.

Check out the new site:

Guardian launch propaganda here:

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Watch BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, 4OD and More… In Australia

Tired of seeing this message on UK sites? POMSTAR gets emails and tweets about this issue all the time so we thought we would explain how to access the BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player, Sky Go and more from Australia.

BBCiPlayer on iPhone

The answer is simple, you need a VPN.

A VPN is  is basically a gateway that masks your location, and and stops you being blocked from viewing content. They are cheap, quick to install and easy to use.

POMSTAR has tried a few providers over the years but the best is Subscription costs a couple of bucks per week and instillation instructions are clear and easy to follow.

One subscription works on your pc, iphone, ipad etc.

Once installed, all you need to do is click to turn on the VPN each session, and you are in… you never see those pesky blocked content signs again.

If you want to watch it on your TV,  you need a HDMI cable to connect your PC / iphone to your TV and Bob’s your uncle, it’s just like being back home, except its less likely you will get your TV stolen once you have switched off and gone to bed.

Sky GO – EPL football live on iphone… Not bad

If you want ‘Sky Go’ (live Sky TV on mobile devices), you need to get the VPN, and get someone in the UK to register for Sky Go and share their username and password. The only issue with Sky Go is they block you connecting it to your TV which is annoying. The picture quality is amazing, but i’m not sure i would watch a full 90 minute EPL game on my iphone.

Is this legal? That’s complicated. This is a good article on Mumbrella which concludes that “bypassing geoblocks is permitted under Australian Law“.

So enjoy guilt free, for now at least.

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TOPSHOP Sydney to Open October 4th!

It’s nine months since TOPSHOP opened it’s first Australian store in Melbourne.

Now its Sydney’s turn. The flagship Sydney store in the ol’ Gowings building on the corner of George and Market Street in the city opens in October.

Credit cards at the ready ladies!

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Is The Term “Pom” Racist?


Is it or isn’t it? Is it just the way its said? Or does it depend on the combination of words that surround it?

In 2006 the Pom debate kicked off because of aTooheys ad .  The ad should have been banned because it was so terrible, not because of the use Pom.  Incidentally – when writing about the Tooheys ad, used the headline; ‘Don’t call us Poms, say Poms’. That’s kind of provocative isn’t it?!

I’ve never met Pom that is offended by the word. It’s only when its used aggressively, or with a derogatory tone, or if its preceded by the words, “Fu*& off home you Fu*&ing”. This site uses the word. Its a good, quick way to describe a million Brits living in Australia.

The issue came to POMSTAR’s attention again recently as a result of an email from The Editor in Chief of NineMSN. He wrote to staff saying that the word Pom is “increasingly regarded as a racist term”.

The email read:

From: Hal Crawford
Sent: Monday, 6 August 2012 7:56 AM
To: Editorial
Subject: use of the word “pom”

Hi guys – please avoid “pom” unless it’s being quoted. It’s becoming increasingly regarded as a racist term.



Its an interesting thought. What do you guys think?


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Love this….

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