Pint Tops £3, But Cheap For Poms


The average price of a pint of beer has topped £3 for the first time in the south of England. The  most expensive area in the UK for a pint according to The Good Pub Guide 2010 list is Surrey, where a pint costs £3.01, more than the average £2.90 price tag in London’s pubs.

The great news for Australia based expats returning to England for Christmas is that Aus dollar is still strong against the puney pound.  £2.90 for a pint in London will cost you just $5.20. You pay more than that for a scooner in Sydney. Happy days!

The weak dollar has even resulted in London becoming a ‘best value’ holiday destination. London is third behind Iceland and Thailand on the best-value list in The Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2010 guide.

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One response to “Pint Tops £3, But Cheap For Poms

  1. Yes I was over just a few months ago. Get a few rounds in for your mate and your broke. Oh I remember the good old days when it was 90p

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