Zara and H&M Confirmed. Next, Topshop: Coming To An Australian High Street Near You

See more recent post: Topshop Flagship stores coming to Sydney & Melbourne 2011:

UK retail favourites Zara and H&M are expected to announce the opening of their first Australian stores within months according to Fairfax Media.

The SMH also states that industry insiders believe, it will only be a matter of time before other international fashion retailers, such as Banana Republic, Topshop, Uniqlo  all follow to Australia.

Word on the street is that GAP is also coming soon too – possibly early  this year.

Brilliant news for frustrated expats tired of paying too much for bad clothes made from inferior fabrics by poor Australian high street brands.

About time too. Marks and Spencer food halls next please!

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4 responses to “Zara and H&M Confirmed. Next, Topshop: Coming To An Australian High Street Near You

  1. Not a happy Australian

    I love the fact that topshop, zara and h&m are heading to Australia but i find your comments about Australia’s clothing standards to be contradictory.

    You do realise that the clothes from Topshop/Zara/H&M are all probably made in the same country as those Australian brands you deemed as using inferior fabric quality. All major global companies use manufacturing bases in cheaper countries. Yes, the prices may be cheaper but there’s always a reason as to why the prices are cheaper. The companies pay less in terms of manufacturing, labour and shipping costs because of where they chose to make the clothes. To call Australian brands inferior and label them as poor is contradictory

    I mean you no offence when i say this, but perhaps next time when judging something so harshly, you should take a look at what really goes on behind the brand.

  2. Sorry you are not happy! No offence intended, as you can see from this website, POMSTAR loves Australia (thats why we live here). However, we believe that regardless of where they are manufactured, generally, the clothes and brands on the Australian high street are poor. Based on the queus in Zara, lots of Australian’s agree with us.

  3. Lynne

    Do you know if NEXT are going to come to Australia? I heard a rumour, wondered if it was true.
    I am actually an Aussie, having just returned from more than 10 years in London, and SOOOO miss the fashion. I agree, the shops here are over priced and not that great.

  4. Megan

    Well I for one am ecstatic! I’ve just moved here from Scotland and dear me! The Australian ‘fashion’ is so boring! And there is nowhere good to buy vintage clothing so I am stuck paying $80-90 postage just to get my favourite items sent over to me😦

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