Are you a Ping Pong Pom?


ABC radio recently interviewed Dr Mary Holmes from Flinders Uni about her survey on English expats in Australia, and why they choose to return to the UK. Its interesting stuff..

– 20% of English migrants return from Aus to the UK

– Poms claim to be ‘bored’ of Australia

– Poms miss family in UK 

Click here for AUDIO: [audio]

Are you a ping pong pom?

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The Two Best British Restaurants in Australia Are…..

Fancy a taste of home? The 2012 SMH and Age Good Food Guides launched recently and the The Best British in NSW and Vic are (drum roll please)….:

bistrode CBD

GFG Score: 15 / 20
The move to the Merivale camp suits ex-Brit-pack chef Jeremy Strode. His nose-to-tail menu matches the butcher’s stripe chairs and dark tables of this faintly blokey upstairs dining room in the heart of the… well, yes, CBD. Offal bits both wobbly and chewy are scattered through the list, from ears to bones to ‘hearts and minds’-a salad of marinated, sliced lamb’s heart and creamy brain croquettes. Quite a few dishes are loose-leaf compositions, as in a smokey yet sharpish duck salad with pickled plum; crackly pig’s ear on egg-topped leaves hiding crumbly blood sausage nuggets; or in a lilting combo of blood-red ox-heart tomatoes blobbed with shiny goat’s curd. There’s good steak-grass-or grain-fed, maybe with an up-ended marrow bone alongside like a little pot of jellied richness; or a wedge of wagyu corned beef with condiments that’s a triumph of the genre. So is champagne jelly layered like a trifle with oat crumbs and berries. Nice move, Mr Strode.

The Middle Park Hotel

GFG Score: 14.5 / 20
The Middle Park feels like a club that specialises in good food. This grand Victorian dame with a makeover of marine plywood and sports paraphernalia is still a popular pub cashed-up tradies downing a light beer and a Scotch egg at the bar underline that. The adjoining dining room has a grand little entrance under a red awning and crest-embossed carpet. The waitstaff are professional and warmly familiar, with a hint of blokiness. Consultant chef Paul Wilson has handed down a Brit pub-style menu with a heavy push for local and sustainable produce. Prawn cocktail or devilled crab and egg add a retro touch. At the heart of this operation is a charcoal grill on which steaks are cooked. Properly rested and served with a good bottle of plonk suggested by the gruff but fun sommelier, they are among the best in town.
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John Lewis Now Delivering To Australia

Expats across the country will be thrilled to hear that for just 15 quid John Lewis will deliver online purchases to Australia.

But, before you throw away your Freedom Furniture sofa and upgrade to a John Lewis beauty, you’ll be disappointed to hear that there are a bunch of exclusions, including furniture (oh, and crackers). Here is the full list:

  • All electrical items (including those with batteries)
  • Lighting (except lampshades)
  • Furniture and heavy or bulky items which need to be carried by more than one person
  • Food/alcohol/perishables/flowers & plants
  • Crackers and candles
  • Liquids and aerosols
  • Beauty products
  • Knives/scissors
  • Fabric by length, fabric samples, wallpaper
  • Paints, glues and products containing these items (e.g toys)
For more information go to the John Lewis website
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BBC iPlayer iPad App Now Live in Australia

The long awaited Australian version of the BBC iPad app launched today. 

The app will make British TV shows such as Little Britain, A Bit Of Fry And Laurie and Absolutely Fabulous available for iPad users through the App store for a monthly subscription fee of AU$9.49 or AU$89.99 a year (as expected).

The app enables users to stream and to download shows for offline viewing for when Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity is not available.

Jana Bennett, president of Worldwide Networks and global BBC iPlayer, said: “We launched the global BBC iPlayer because we think there’s an untapped market for the ‘best of British’ shows, both for Brits living abroad and for all those people we know have a love of great British television, nowhere more so than Australia.”

However, first impressions suggest that it is not as good as the ‘full’ iPlayer that is available in the UK. The BBC must protect deals with Australian broadcasters where they have sold shows exclusively, so these will be missing. It looks like they will be relying on archive content.

There is no Match of The Day either which is disappointing.

When you can get a fake VPN to access the real iplayer for free, or find MOTD online for fee, im not sure that people will rush to  get this ‘light’ version for $89.99.

Maybe it will improve in time?

Please let us know what you think below.

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Tired of Waiting? Watch iPlayer in Australia Now

As POMSTAR reported recently, the BBC has finally confirmed that the iPlayer will be available this year in Australia. However, it now appears that it will be a different ‘International version’, with only selected shows.
It looks as if the BBC are limiting content in Australia to protect existing relationships and revenue streams from Australian broadcasters who buy top BBC shows like Top Gear, Doctor Who.
With no fixed date announced for the launch, and now the prospect of only a ‘light’ version of the iPlayer, it was enough to push POMSTAR into the murky world of VPN connections (VPN’s can mask your location to gain access to UK websites). Im not sure how legal this is (not very I suspect) and Im certainly not recommending any particular service, but I will say that I’m now ecstatically happy that I can how watch UK TV on my TV at home.
There are lots of sites offering the VPN services and they all look similar. I took the plunge and went for Simply Expats  (this is not advertising and im not endorsing them). I found payment easy, and it costs about $10 per month. But setup on my old mac was impossible, while set up on a new mac and ipad was easy. Unfortunately the iPad doesn’t play well, it just keeps buffering. But it works great on the new mac. I can now simply click to use the VPN, and then I can access iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD etc.
Connecting my mac to my TV was another challenge with HDMI cables and more hassle.. I haven’t managed to make the sound come from the TV yet (only via my mac) but its absolutely amazing to have the iPlayer on my TV. I highly recommend it… the picture quality is amazing. Dooo it!
Note to the BBC: I will happily pay for this service when you make it available legally.
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Flagship Topshop Stores Coming to Sydney & Melbourne 2011!

POMSTAR reported last year that Topshop was opening a small concession at Incu in Sydney, and based on other International experience, a full store should follow in a few years time.

It appears however, that the ZARA launch may have prompted Mr Green to move faster. It has been reported this week (by that Topshop is currently negotiating retail locations in both Sydney and Melbourne for full flagship stores that they aim to have open pre-Christmas, this year.

It is likely that Topshop will opt for outer-suburb locations in Chatswood shopping centre, Sydney (which is a bit rubbish) and the Jam Factory, on the Chapel Street high street in Melbourne – in the space made available from Borders closing.

Australia is currently the third largest customer on I would suggest a good number of those orders are from the 1.3 million, UK expat community. Im sure you’re all pretty happy about this news -bring on the M&S and H&M…

Lets just hope it actually happens, there have been a few false starts over the years.

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BBC’s global iPlayer iPad app to cost less than $10 a month and will ‘definitely launch this year’

WOW! BIG NEWS… The BBC’s international iPlayer iPad app will cost less than $10 (£6.13) a month when it launches later this year, according to director general Mark Thompson.

He said the global version of the corporation’s online catch-up service for iPads will launch “definitely this year”, adding that it will cost, “a small number of dollars per month, definitely fewer than 10”. The internationaliPlayer iPad app will also give subscribers access to BBC archive programming.

Would you pay $10 per month? Given Foxtel, with all channels including and UKTV and Lifestyle etc. costs $100+ per month it could represent great value. The license fee in the UK is currently around 145 pounds, so we will actually getting BBC TV content for less in Australia than they are paying in the UK!

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